About company

Mahmood Brothers

Mahmood Brothers was established in 1956 and today is one of the leading Tanners Manufactures and exporters of Goat and Sheep finished leather for gloving, garment and foot wear purpose our state of the art tannery all equipped with modernized European machinery provide us to compete on a global level to being our customers the best articles as we aim our customers with a world class products.

We expert vast range of articles and colours to over countries.

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Our Mission

Provide in time delivery all customers. We Strictly conform our production techniques keeping in line with environment friendly procedure.

CEO Message

Dear our valued customers and everyone.

First of all, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our valued customers for their love assistance and support for MAHMOOD BROTHERS.

MAHMOOD BROTHERS is working hard to provide the best service in leather gloving garment. The customers happiness and satisfaction are our priority. We put our customers first understanding and anticipating their needs, their expectations and responding with best solutions.

Additionally to ensure the customers will receive the best service our employee’s happiness and capacity shall be the essential element too. We believe that making our employee happy. They will undoubtedly produce the best outcome to company. MAHMOOD BROTHERS encourage employees to focus on service oriented approach and constant professional growth. In the near future MAHMOOD BROTHERS will make another leap forward to become and excellent comprehensive Exporters company and will do utmost the contribute to laoeconomic growth social responsibility and become the best partner and create a better future for all.

May love and happiness always be with you.


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